“Art Positive” is an exhibition project first launched by Art Today Association in 2004. It is intended as a platform where artists from Plovdiv receive the opportunity to display their works in the field of contemporary arts. The event's success and wide popularity, coupled with the fact that the exhibition has given rise to interesting debut projects, naturally brings the idea of making Art Positive an annual exhibition. Over the years it has evolved from an event with regional significance to a note-worthy festival.

"ANALOGUE" is the theme concept of Art Positive 2013 - a tenth anniversary edition. The base idea is to explore the condition of "analogue-ness” - in terms of ideas and materials both. All participating art projects are required to use an analogue approach in their implementation.

This exhibition project focuses on a sensation recently treated as obsolete - the “analogue” one -, and the research of possibilities for its relevant connections to the perceptions and demands of people nowadays. Time goes in a mixture – somehow through the artworks past is being brought in the present, put into it and returning its actuality.

Following the parameters of the “analogue” concept appeared to be a curious challenge for the artists and, in its turn, allures the audience on, as much as a provocative, also somewhat of a romantic and not less a cognitive, walk: in which the expressive opportunities of the analogue are to be re-discovered.